Tree Removals

Sometimes tree removal is the only option. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to safely remove any tree whether your job is domestic or commercial.

We have a team of expert climbers to safely rig down any tree; we can crane down or use our 65ft. travel tower to ensure minimal disturbance is made to surrounding gardens and, or property.

Fully Insured

We have $10million dollar public liability insurance

Stump Removals

Stumps may need to be removed for several reasons whether its hazardous, to stop the attraction of termites and disease or simple general property aesthetics. We have a range of machines to cater for every job.

Block clearing

Sometimes new developments require large areas of land being cleared. We have the capacity to remove any trees and stumps quickly and efficiently to ensure your projects can continue in a timely manner. We have excavators, bob cats, log trucks to name a few at our disposal should you require.

Pruning & Trimming (height and weight reductions)

In order to maintain healthy trees frequent pruning from an early age is required. Tree pruning can enhance growth and life expectancy as well as ensure your trees remain safe.

Prunning applications

-        Prunning from buildings and infrastructure

-        Weight reductions

-        Crown uplifting

-        Deadwood removal

Arborist Reports

Here at Environmental Tree Services we have a consulting arborist that can carry out reports on the general health and safety of trees if required for your developments or permits.

Mulch Sales
24hr storm damage

With Melbourne’s unpredictable weather you never know when a branch or tree may come down in a storm. We are available 7 days a week to help relieve the stress storm damage may cause to your property.

Root Barriers

We can install a physical underground wall so that structures and trees may cohabit happily together. We run a trench down to the natural horizontal zone which is root proof, place a root barrier in one continuous piece into the trench with the root barrier top finishing above the ground.